If you’re a true Star Wars fan you must read this stunning facts about the most loved franchise from all times.

  • May 4 celebrates Star Wars Day. This day was chosen by the pun of the phrase “May the force be with you” that sounds like “May the Fourth” (May 4th).
  • The Hollywood Studios park annually performs the Star Wars Weekends event counting with the participation of some movie characters. Another new feature in the park is the creation of Star Wars Land (still no opening date) – the new park themed taking visitors for a trip to the Millenium Falcon and characters in the film.
  • The Yoda’s face were inspired by Albert Einstein.
  • The words that marked the saga were inspired in different languages, for example: Jedi comes from the Japanese  word jidaigeki meaning period drama.
  • Darth Vader was played by 6 different people and is considered one of the greatest villains of cinema. The effect of her voice breathing was done through a diving regulator.
  • The language that Yoda  speaks is Basic Galactic, where the pronunciation of the verb always comes at the end of the sentence. “Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you”
  • The Walt Disney Company, the current owner of the saga, announced a new trilogy. The first film debut in 12.17.2015 and is called The Force Awakens. The second film (Star Wars Episode VIII) has debut scheduled for 05.26.2017 and the last will appear in 2019.
  • Some scenes of the films were made in Tunisia and London. Some monuments are still standing.
  • The first Star Wars game was called The Empire Strikes Back and the latter was Star Wars – Battlefront.
  • There is a Leia princess doll model made for collectors created in honor of the movie Star Wars Episode IV.
  • In September 2015 the company Spin Master launched the new Yoda puppet: “Star Wars Legendary Toy – Jedi Master Yoda.” He speaks up to 115 phrases, has voice recognition, motor body, warrior mode, power mode, wisdom mode among other functions. It’s to make any fan crazy (including me! I need this doll!).

The story of the saga is rich in detail, like different types of lightsaber, origin of characters, series of books and games plus many other facts. And you young Jedi, what’s your favorite fact?


Juliana Torres

May the force be with you ♥