There are things that only a woman can understand: talk with eyes, spend hours choosing an outfit, buy something and never use. But have you ever wondered why we do this?

The truth is very simple. We women like sincerity, so when we give that look, with him goes a set of facial and body expressions – Yes friends, the body speaks!

We love to feel unique, valued and special. We spent hours trying to put together fashion, comfort and beauty and suddenly, we go to a party and come across someone wearing exactly the same. And there goes another cloth to the chest.

We like exclusivity and attention. So when talking to a woman look her in the eyes. We speak a sentence in words and  a book in  expressions.

We divide the bread, but not meat. Skip the cheap chat with our boys!

We have a tricky business that we love to hate but cannot live without it. It’s called best friend. Works like as a fortune teller but without crystal ball, that when he speaks “you are goind to fail”, prepare the curative.

They say we are complicated, but in fact we are very simple. We warn, we ask, give indirects, leave messages, posters, billboards … and you know what men do? They don’t listen, and when we refresh their memories they still say that we are reviving the past. Who is complicated here?

Being a woman is a God’s gift, you must have a lot of guts to face the media and say, “I would not wear this hat with this skunk on top.” You must have courage to look in the mirror and see that you just won over five pounds of hotness, and be strong to see that love going away and remember that the only love you need is yourself.

I love being a woman, because our confidences and whims are our charm. We are beautiful in nature, powerful and captivating. Our sensitivity is what makes us special. And you dear friend, what you like the most in/being a woman?


Juliana Torres