Who loves pink knows how difficult it is to find the ideal shade for every occasion. I gathered in this post my 7 preferred shades and brands, national and super cheap.


On skin that colors looks amazing. They range from a smooth color to the vibrant Pink. See the swatches below:


I’ll introduce you from the last one to the first one:

  • Pink Milkshake by Evelyn Regly – Essenze di Pozzi: My favorite color, a pink tone hard to find. It’s super matte and possess great attachment. Important: Before using this lipstick I recommend using lip moisturizer.


  • Natura faces batom brilho gloss FPS 8 – Rosa claro: Perfect for day to day. This lipstick exactly meets your proposal: a soft color, with a slight sheen and moisturizing texture.


  • Batom em gel Ultra Color Revolution da Avon – Rosa Seda: The delicacy in lipstick. Its gel texture is very different compared to other lipsticks, its color is soft and feminine. It leaves a hydrated lips feeling and is more pigmented compared to previous color.


  • Batom Avon Color Trend – Rosa Destaque: I LOVE the Color Trend lipsticks. They have excellent fixation and pigmentation, higher compared to other more expensive lipsticks. This Pink Is very cute (middle color swatche of the picture).


  • Batom Avon Color Trend – Lilás Vibrante: The name is purple but on skin it’s more lilke pink. Delicate and striking color, perfect for use during the day.


  • Batom Avon Color Trend – Rosa Choque: Beautiful pink. It is the second color swatche. Wonderful for the day and night.


  • Batom Fúcsia Matte Avon: Matte just right: does not crack, not dry lips and keeps the mouth hydrated. Super pigmented, that color is really to draw attention.

IMG_6258What is your favorite color? It has some pink to indicate? Leave in comments.


Juliana Torres