If there is a film that deserves to be seen more than once, this movie is Star Wars VII. In the first minutes is inevitable to keep your body completely static and being driven by increased energy followed by applauses and emotion. For those who know the old trilogies of the saga will love the references to old movies cited throughout plot, not to mention the performance of the actors Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

R2-D2 and Chewbacca characters also come back to stay and make history. But life is not aways a bed of roses. I gathered into two topics my opinion of the film. Some scenes missed information, others tore tears of sadness.

  • What I loved:
  1. Rey  This woman is awesome. Seeing her performance was like to see Anakin again.
  2. Han Solo and chewbacca together is priceless – and epic.
  3. Han Solo and Leia together again: They both exchanging glances was exciting.
  4. Special effects and production – it was perfect.
  5. BB-8  I want it! A robot with feeling, inteligence and good humour. Can’t be better.
  • What I don’t loved:
  1. Darth Vader had an history. In the old trilogy we all could follow their path to the dark side, his motivations and his penchant for the dark side of the force. He was trained, he developed his power and caused fear throughout the galaxy. And then, in the new saga we have Kylo Ren, one of the leaders of the First Order, trained to become a Jedi by Luke and was attracted to the dark side. At that moment I was wondering, attracted why? What was your inclination? He wants to finnish what Vader started, but Vader returned to the side of the Jedi before his death. I would like a stronger villain, consistent with reasons such as Vader was. It lacked history of the villain (in my opinion).
  2. Rey just discovered the force. She never had training and believed that the Jedi were legend. Suddenly she becomes so powerful that scares Kylo, who was trained by Luke. However great the force is in her, in all the films of the saga the force needed to be learned. Rey defeating Kylo made me think that Kylo is a weak villain or that next film, the strength that is in Rey will be an explosion of powers, so that there was never a jedi with such power. Will it be?
  3. Han Solo died. This need not explaination – sad and without celebration or mourning. He deserved at least a funeral as Padmé Amidala in Revenge of the Sith.

I’m looking forward to see the next film in the saga in 2017. I hope it clarifies more about Luke’s life while he was gone, the revelation that Rey is the daughter of Luke or not and if Kylo still have chances of returning to be a jedi .

And you young jedi, which part of the movie you like most? Had something left to be desired for you?

May the force be with you.


Juliana Torres