Who can prevent a free soul to dream, imagine and create the most colorful sky someone could ever see? Sometimes we imagine handcuffs, stop our wings from flying and stagnate in time watching our own life pass. Whatever your story is, you can much more than what you lived so far, it all depends on only one choice: to believe in yourself or empower your fear of being happy. So, what will be your choice?

We usually give excuses for everything that takes us out of our comfort zone. It’s amazing how making things happen bothers us, changes our lives and transforms our thinking. However, when we get the first results we begin to understand how beneficial it can be to counter ourselves a someties and invest a little faith in our dreams.
batmanHave you ever wondered what you want to have? What you aspires to be? How many times have you stopped to listen to your inner self and did the things that really make you smile? Can you justify why we embrace the negative news and discredit the good things too easily? This is our biggest fault: doubt our ability.


I want you to imagine that time doing what makes you most happy. Imagined it yet? Now write down three things that you do in your week you don’t like to do. Change a task of your routine for what you crave and allow yourself to have the dream smile that display on magazines.


Do you know what differentiates a satisfied person to a frustrated one? How each appreciated the simple things. Everything in life happens gradually, everything is a matter of evolution and it is necessary to pay attention to details. No one is born running, you must first crawl. No one comes in a gym lifting 200 pounds, you need to begin from below. Likewise, no one is born happy and satisfied, you need to find gratitude in the small details that life gives us. That’s why we have millionaires treating depression and simple people smiling while dancing in the rain. If you are grateful for the little things, the big things will overflow you, but if the litle don’t satisfy yourself you’ll be as crawling baby, you won’t realize yourself when your time to run come.


So choose to be yourself. No matter how much you admire someone, the light in you is unique and no one in the world can reach it, show to the stars who will shine tonight. In the universe, stars do not obfuscate eachother, they work in harmony to bring the brightness we need at night. If you have to choose a super hero, be like Batman: He has no superpowers, he did not come from another planet and not suffered some genetic experiment, instead he reinvents itself every day. We are all stars, we are all Batman. We are what we want to be, we have the shine that we believe we have and deserve in this life everything by which we learn to thank for. You can have true happiness and the success you crave, everything begins with the act of being grateful for what was given to you.

Colorful kisses,

Juliana Torres