My name is Juliana Cerqueira Torres, I’m 26 yeard old, married and mother of 4 cats (Mimy, Loui, Mary and Bruce). Born in Caieiras-SP-Brazil. I’m currently studying Business Management on a renowned Brazilian university and already worked in IT area. I like make up, crafting, fashion and decoration.

I live my life lightly and in a colorful way. My dream is to travel the world, meet new cultures and most importantly: share all those experiences with you.

This blog was created with the intention to simplify our lives. It is a place to exchange knowledge and opportunities and grow and learn together.

I believe that colors reflect our feelings and let them involving our soul is to reject the negativity of life, and share love and smiles where there is no peace. Welcome to Alma Colorida!

If you believe that the impossible is a matter of trying, that life challenges us so that we can mature, and that opportunity is what you make, join us in this colorful world. ♥
Kisses, Jùúh ♥

“By faith I’ll see my dreams realized by God” ♥